VON91 has worked closely with Explore Downtown Living since before its first event took place in May 2015. Since Day 1, they’ve been incredible partners not only through their vision for developing the website and brand elements from scratch but also being ready and willing to help enhance the user’s overall experience.

Since the site’s initial launch, they have incorporated a user-friendly map that helps our patrons find their way to all the properties and parking locations on the tour, they’ve refreshed the site and brand’s look to help create a more distinct look in our market, and they’ve shown their ability to be nimble in adapting to the needs of our consumers. Their adjustments to our registration system helped streamline how our website collects data during high-traffic times, which was imperative to our day-of registration.

VON91 has a talented group that always goes above and beyond with what they do. They understand the importance of the consumer’s experience, and they’ve helped make Explore Downtown Living an identifiable and successful brand within a year of its inception.jayMark Remme, Minneapolis Downtown Council Communications Manager

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